Sunday, 23 October 2016

looking forward to Sepang

I cant wait

I went last year to Sepang to watch the MotoGP, to watch Valentino Rossi live.  To watch all the talented and brave young men ( and a couple of young women) risk their lives in an adrenalin fuelled sport. I got my tickets, hotel is booked and I am excited to experience the magic all over again.

We forget though that it is a dangerous sport and today while watching the Australian leg of the MotoGP, there was a crash where a couple of riders were run over which made me remember that five years ago today in Sepang, one such incident took the life of one talented rider, Marco Simoncelli.

The two riders of todays incident were very lucky to walk away with nothing but some bruises and a broken finger.  So while I look forward to Sepang to watch these brave young people race round the track, I pray hard that they all stay safe on the track.

RIP Marco Simoncelli

Saturday, 22 October 2016

short getaway to Danang

Why do we take that short weekend getaway?
to recharge some batteries, to get away to relax in the company of good friends..

rainy beach
I have always wanted to visit Danang and Hoi An in Vietnam and as a couple of friends were there for work  another friend and I decided to join them after they had finished their work for a few days of R&R.
One thing we didnt check was the weather, it was the rainy season.. so we couldnt enjoy the famed beaches of Danang much.

street in Hoi An

Anyway...The Vietnamese people must be quite fed up of tourists trying to take pictures of them while they go about doing things that are quite normal to them.  When taking a picture please do politely ask them if not you will get told off or in my case got told " USD $1 for picture"  I politely declined.

Danang is a very busy little city, with beaches that stretch all along the coast, with 5 star hotels and lots of 4 and 3 star hotels fighting for space one road down.  The  food is delicious, cheap and fresh.  From the famed Pho to   the seafood that is in abundance all along the streets.  We found a few places and were surprised at what we ordered but it was all good.  For once I was the attraction, with my friends being chinese, and looking like the Vietnamese, me being the only Indian attracted a bit of attention.  Being told I was very pretty on a few occasions, did help to boost the morale..

some of the ruins at My Son

Danang is not a city I will visit again though, nor will i repeat my visit to Hoi An further along the coast, a quaint little town which has preserved the old part of town and is now a Unesco World Heritage site.  I did however enjoy our tour out to My Son to see the ruins of the Cham temples more info from Wiki here

The next Vietnam visit will probably be to go on a scooter or bike tour through the rural landscape, away from the cities and tourist traps.

All in, a too short getaway that didnt quite fulfil its promise....

more pictures on flicker - HERE

Sunday, 2 October 2016

ramblings when doing nothing important

So I haven't been blogging much lately,  the words seem to have dried up inside me or is it that I just seem to be busier than ever doing nothing important.

I realise that I make myself busy to avoid the loneliness that creeps in when i have nothing to do.  Sure I could go take pictures, which I enjoy doing on my own or even go to the movies, but i seem to have found myself in a rut.  the rut of just staying home and avoiding doing anything except cooking and cleaning.

I reduced my working hours from a five day week to four, so that I could take time to go out and take pictures and go for that early movie when no one else is about, or just to walk about and see things, but somehow that hasn't worked out.  I crept back into old habits and allowed myself to hide away avoiding reality.  Maybe it was easier to just stay home to avoid the crowds of people, happy couples holding hands and families enjoying their time together.

I am lonely, but I don't know how to change that.  I have friends and family but it doesn't  seem to be enough any more.  I guess I have to get used to it, as  there is no energy left in me to go out and start looking for that special someone.  This is when I think that the movie Logan's Run may have had some merit and that perhaps we should kill off people ( but not at age 30 like in the movie) but once they turn 65. Perhaps a choice, those that have nothing can opt to be "retired"permanently.

What do we have once we get old, with no one to share moments with, no one to chat with, no one to be with. Just loneliness
to quote the black keys from their song "too afraid to love u"

"I wish loneliness would leave me
But I think its here to stay"

Sunday, 18 September 2016

the night race

So I love motorsports, the F1 and the Motogp, but its been awhile since I actually watched an F1 race, simply because I tend to concentrate on the bikes and dont want to end up spending every weekend glued to the television watching sports.  I figured I should pick one as there were so many
part of the track all lit up
other things I needed to get done.
area near the stage, our Padang in front of the old supreme courts

Singapore hosts the F1 in September, and its a night race, the whole Marina area of the city is lit up and looks spectacular, and there are also 3 days of concerts in the F1 arena.  This year Queen were here... yes without Freddie and John Deacon but then I figured when will I ever get to see Brian May and Roger Taylor live... so thanks to P ( yes am hanging out with P again) I attended the Saturday night concert and qualifying for the F1.

Brian May

Roger Taylor
What a night!  What a fabulous night.  Adam
Lambert, the flamboyant runner up of American Idol (cant remember which year) sang Freddie's songs and he was brilliant.  Nothing compares to Freddie's voice and no one is trying to I am sure, to replace Freddie Mercury, but Adam was excellent.

Brian again

One thing though, if our country wants to be the forward thinker in Asia, maybe we should leave our trains running a little later on F1 nights.  The organisers and the government encourages everyone to take public transport to the venue, but they seem to forget about the end of the night.... The concert ended at 12.20am, we walked to the stations but had to make a detour as they had closed alot of the entrances to the stations and by the time we finally made it to the platforms we had to run as we were told it was the last train.
penned in like cattle
Oh and since I am complaining.... the crowd control needs some more planning, to leave the penned up area of the open air concert, organisers opened up 2 gates where only 2 people could exit at one time... I am curious to know how many of us had to squeeze through those opening, inching slowly forward in a mass of sweaty bodies.  always the one to think of what if situations, i dread to think what would have happened if someone pushed, fell or was being an asshole..

All in a great night though.  Thank you again P for the ticket!

More pics on flicker of the skyline of Singapore at night

Sunday, 4 September 2016

wedding and a family vacation

So there were about  18 of us traveling from various places to Victoria BC, for the sons wedding, not including the soon to be married couple.

Its was quite an experience to get everyones travel plans and itinerary to know who arrives when and the sort of family get togethers we would be having.

some of the occupants of 221 Quebec st
221 quebec st
The majority of us arrived in Victoria on the 10th of August with some uncles and aunts and son no 2 arriving a few days later.  We managed to find this house in the centre of the tourist area, 221 Quebec Street ( I dont know about anyone else, but the 221 in the address had me thinking of Sherlock Holmes...) had three apartments with 2 bedrooms in each apartment, it became our
base of operations for the wedding party.
basement apartment, was me, sister from Perth, sister from London and her partner and an extra space on the sofa bed in the living room.  the middle unit had eldest sister and her husband, mum, my aunt from Perth and my cousin from Toronto.  Top floor had the wedding couple, their two friends and son no 2.
14 people on 3 floors....
after the wedding .. on to the cocktail reception
My Uncles, mums brothers ( one from Melbourne, the other from Singapore) also made the trip as well as my Uncle and his wife on dads side...
Now its so much easier for Indians to identify the maternal and paternal sides as we have different names for the Uncles from the Mothers side - they are called mamajis and the Uncles on the dads side also have different names, older brothers are called tayaji, and my dads younger brothers are  called Chachaji. I can go on and tell you exactly all the names for the sisters and the grand parents  but then that will really lengthen this post even further,  so  back to the wedding story..

wedding decorations... 
Megs earl grey birthday cake
Wedding day was on the 15th of Aug, which gave us a bit of time to get over jetlag, and do some sightseeing as well as meet the sons, in laws.  My soon to be daughter in law's (her name is Meghan) birthday was on the 12th of August, which gave us a good opportunity to have her parents and grand parents over for tea
and cake.

st ann's academy, victoria, wedding venue with the flowers
We also arranged a BBQ at the vacation rental on 221 Quebec street, on the day before the wedding to meet all the in laws so that Meg's family could  see we were not some strange tribe trying to steal her away.  it was after all an inter racial marriage and I knew that her side had their misgivings on who we were and what we were like.  My uncles, aunts, sisters are all wonderful people who unlike me, are sociable and enjoy meeting people, which helped tremendously to ease everyones fears that Meg was not marrying into some strange traditional Indian family.  We had a blast.  It was supposed to be an afternoon BBQ with everyone leaving by 7pm, we had to chase everyone out by 10 as we were exhausted and we did have a wedding the next day.....
I promised the son that I would not post pics of them on their wedding day but I am posting a few pics that I took, but just not of them....  yet.

I could not however leave the cake out of the pics, it was glorious, and the top tier was gluten free... I did try the gluten cake too though, it was too delicious not to try just a bit...well ok I had a slice.

After the wedding we headed out to Nanaimo, 11 of us ( the uncles and their wives split from us here and went on an Alaskan cruise)  to enjoy the harbour city which son no 1 calls home. We spent a few days  there then we headed onto Vancouver, losing more of the wedding party, who had gone on to maximise their holiday so far away from home.

All in, it was quite an experience, dealing with 4 strong women ( my sisters and me) and looking after mum.  Not something I want to repeat.  While I love my sisters, I doubt I could travel with any of them as we want to do different things and we have become selfish and unyeilding in our wants.

I dont feel any different though... acquiring a new daughter in law, maybe because I dont see Meg as an in law, she is part of the family.  I now have one more child to worry about....

(some of the pictures are dark as the sun did not cooperate with my limited photography and editing skills... more pics on Canada on Flikr... wedding pics will only be available after Son no 1 gives the green light. )

Sunday, 7 August 2016

no spanx for me

Well suffice to say, I havent made my ideal weight.
I am stuck as I havent exercised and that my friends is the key to losing weight when one gets older, diet control can only take you so far.

But I will not be wearing spanx.  I did go buy a pair of super undies and spent an obscene amount on something that I will never wear...  I tried them on and thought, what happens when I want to go pee... it would not have been an attractive sight.

So in my dress at the wedding, I may protrude in some places, but I will be me and I will not be in spanx.  If only I had realised that before I bought those un-returnable undies

anyone want to buy a pair of tried on spanx undies??

Friday, 29 July 2016

I may have to buy spanx

Never say never

I know that saying will always come back and bite me in the ass..
my ever growing ass

why do they put skinny women in spanx?
While I have lost some weight, its not fast enough for me... perils of getting older, the weight takes a whole lot longer to melt away.

I have been good (except for those cocktails, and wine) well ok I have done my best, but its not good enough. So this week I have to step it up a notch and give up those beautiful cocktails if not I will have to go buy a pair of super undies that will hold my love handles around my hips in.

Stay tuned...will I get spanx?

Monday, 11 July 2016

battle with the bulge revisited

So the sons wedding is in about 4 weeks

I bought a dress some time back with the smug confidence that I will be slim and trim for the wedding.  The dress fits but it fits a little bit too snugly and I was sure I could lose 3 kilos, no problem.

Yeah right

I have put weight back on, as usual, the yoyo pendulum has swung in the opposite direction.
So I have to put myself on a diet and exercise plan....
Motivation is zero right now, even the fear of looking fat in the dress hasnt pushed me to get off my ever increasing butt and actually do some walking to get that butt to stop jiggling.
Spanx you say... no thanks i say.  I am one of those people who will not suffer for fashion, I'd rather go get a new (loose) dress than wear spanx.

I set the alarm every night earlier than usual so that I can get out of bed and go for a brisk morning walk...but then at 4 in the morning, I adjust the alarm and dont bother with the walk.

fingers crossed that I actually roll out of bed tomorrow, eager to get into shape and actually get some exercise done.....

I always was an optimist...

Monday, 4 July 2016

my phone died...

It was fine this morning, but when I got to work it just stopped working.

I dont really have the time to go get a new one today so I have no idea what I am going to do as I depend on my phone to wake me up in the morning.
Will I be able to survive without a phone?

I could just go get an alarm clock to wake me up....the way we used to do it.

we are too connected to our phones...... hmm social experiment time?
am sure the bosses at work will freak out if they cant reach me once I am out of the office...

I am sorely tempted to be without a phone just to see what happens.....

Friday, 10 June 2016

Pictures from Mexico

bungy jumping anyone
They look like they belong in a Robert Rodriguez movie...
the glass factory
more pictures on flickr HERE

Viva la Mexico

I am in Los Cabos Mexico for work, yes I feel very lucky that I get to visit an amazing place...but its for work and I dont get to do what I want to do...first world problems I guess 

Sunrise over the sea of Cortez
I would come back here for sure to see more of the country, the people here are friendly and genuinely nice.  They want to talk to you, to find out who you are.  Some of them talked to me straight away in Spanish until i tell them, Habla muy poco Espanol,  and then they ask where i am from.  Its been great.  Mexicans are a great people....

Love Mexico!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

jet lag and excitement?

So it seems I am off to Mexico tomorrow.

Its been really busy in the office, I took over the office manager position as well as being the 'bitch' in the project management department, and there is lots to do.
To add to my work ( somehow bosses just love doing that right..) I was asked if I could accompany the head of the creative dept to Los Cabos for a site inspection.  We are short handed right now and the person in charge of this project cant make it, so they asked if I would help out

Who in their right mind would say no... Even if it means extra work, being stressed out and I know I will end up being behind on all of my own work.

I have a good assistant now, so maybe it wont be so bad when I get back to the office in 9 days..
Its a long flight, Jet lag, running around in Los Cabos, then another long flight back and jet lag..... I am no spring chicken......

God help me, I am an idiot to do this Mexico trip...but I felt the old adrenalin rush and the excitement of old and ....... its Los Cabos!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

sometimes bland is nice

Sometimes bland is nice... I guess its just what we want in life

I craved the excitement far too long and look where its got me... alone at 53 & 3/4
Rathtrevor Beach

Will I embrace the bland and safe.. I dont know, but sometimes its nice.  Just like Canada with its fresh air and open spaces.....
So Canada isnt bland, its serene, like a grand old dame.
New Pics on Flickr

Cathedral Grove

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

could I live in Canada...

Its been interesting here in Canada...Vancouver Island to be exact

So while I have been hanging out with Son no 1, while he goes through blood tests ( last week there were daily blood tests) and just to be with him, we have been traveling a bit to see Victoria ( where he will be getting married in August) and just around where he lives now, Nanaimo.
Downtown Nanaimo

View from Son's balcony
Its a beautiful area, there are mountains, then the sea and beaches and walks... all amazing.  The weather is lovely, although it did go up to 26C during the day.  The people....
Now I am Indian from Singapore and I grew up and lived in a city, a city where diversity rules.  We have all sorts of food and cultures mingling to create this fusion of language and life.

so this little island off Vancouver looks very white to me.  White people, culture and living.  Slower pace of life and everything seems, on the surface, to be nice... passive aggressive almost.

So while I love the open spaces and the weather, I almost find everything else to be a bit, dare I say it....bland...
Nanaimo downtown by the wharf
I never realised I was so used to a fast paced environment with all the diversity that a  multi cultural world class city has to offer.

I am sure in a few years I will change again and probably hanker for the slower pace and actually look forward to a more relaxed way of life....retirement is still a way away for me I guess..
Driving to Victoria, views

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

my baby

So this last couple of weeks have been hard, I got a call from son no 1 and the news wasnt good

He had gone to the ER for his bad back and figured that while he was there maybe they could check out his swollen arm...  they found a blood clot in his left auxiliary vein up to the junction of his jugular.

I freaked, so did he.  I wanted to get on a plane and go straight away to be with him, his fiance was away doing her practicum for her teaching degree, but she flew back the next day, she was equally freaked out.  They put him on blood thinners and the first few days was him going back and forth getting blood tests to set the right dosage for blood thinners.  He has had a few tests to find out why it happened but so far all tests have come up positive so we are no closer to finding out how and why.

His fiance had to go back to finish her practicum so she will be away 3 weeks, and I am here in Canada as I just had to see my baby.

Monday, 25 April 2016

I met pond scum

So I decided to go back online to try to date... After all I knew no other way to meet men...

From experience I knew that the first two weeks online would be all the scum trying to get in touch with me, there are of course the genuine ones but mostly all u get are the predators.  I had one of those very bits of pond scum get a little nasty with me, my mistake was not trusting my gut instinct the first time this particular bit of floating algae contacted me.  The mail I got screamed scammer but did I listen.... No.    I did not go out with him, these scum don't live in the same time zone so meeting them is never on the cards.

I am ashamed to admit but I did give him my number, against better judgement and Simone screaming in my head... But when he called me, trying desperately to imitate an English accent, but failing miserably, and letting his African accent come through, I almost laughed. I cut the conversation short and emailed him not to contact me again, that's when he replied with really nasty words......
If I didn't know before I sure as hell knew then that this man was not who he claimed to be.  I wonder though, how do they get all those family pics of decent looking men to create profiles on dating websites.... Facebook? Instagram.? People secure your Social media please!

I have never had this happen before, the scum seem to be getting bolder, more nasty.
To all scum bags out there, male or female, may the evil you do to others come back and bite you in the arse.
Will I let this deter me from online dating, I don't know yet......

Saturday, 23 April 2016

peering through the lens

when I bought my camera in 2013, i joined the Nikon club, which gave me access to classes that Nikon put together.
I have attended one basic class and this morning I attended a meet and shoot session, where we met at the CBD area of Singapore and went down one of the old streets where one can find all the interesting old shophouses.

I miss taking pics, i forget how much I love it.  I let life get in the way and I miss out on spending time peering through the lens.

more pics on my Flickr page ( son said "what who uses Flickr anyway".... I do son)

the river and view of the fullerton hotel which was our general post office

an Indian temple in the middle of the CBD, this street has also a Mosque and a Chinese Temple

the old and the new in the background

Sunday, 17 April 2016

My boobs are upset with me

My home has always been my sanctuary, where I can be myself, where I can come home after work and relax.  Where I can roam underwear free..

I recently let my sons friend move into the spare room for a few months.  This young man just got divorced and didn't have anywhere to go... So he's here until the end of July.

I figured that it would be improper for me to wander around braless in my tank top and pyjama shorts  with this young man around.   its been an adjustment,
If my boobs weren't attached to me, they would have moved out in a huff...
I am bound and feel all constricted and quite uncomfortable. When I know he isn't around, I let the girls roam free and I feel like singing... Then when he's back, the poor girls are stuffed into the confines of those cups and I swear I can hear them grumbling...

Its been only 2 weeks and I have not got used to having to wear underwear, lets hope it gets better...

Sunday, 10 April 2016

food and drinks and more drinks

There have been a  slew of new restaurants and bars mushrooming all over the island in the last few years.  Each one trying to outdo the other in decor and originality.... the current trend is cocktail bars which brand themselves as speakeasy's , that give off the old 1920'a vibe in the US.  We also have the industrial chic and the mismatched chairs for the 'retro' feel for all the hipsters out there. pretentiousness galore.

patatas bravas

cheese, cod and in the back paella

Singapore has always been an expensive city to have a drink in, alcohol is just very expensive.  we pay heaps of taxes to import that vice, it however, hasn't stopped people drinking.
With these new cocktail bars and restaurants out there, its become even more expensive to have a night out.   We have attracted some of the European chefs and yes even some that have had Michelin stars, which all add up to restaurants and bars charging the earth for their wares.....its no wonder we have the dubious accolade of being the most expensive city to live in... (see here for the report)

I cant afford to go out every weekend for dinner or drinks but once in a while I do, as the competition among the restaurants is pretty stiff and sometimes you can find specials that will attract the bargain hunter.

 Brunch and the free flow of alcohol is always a draw although I end up drinking too much and suffer the next day

creme catalan and an amazing choc dessert
My friends and I tried out a restaurant called FOC, which was opened by a Spanish Chef, Nandu Jubany.  One wonders if he actually ever turned up at the restaurant after opening it... but the name is there and I am sure so is his legacy and food.  No complaints on the food, everything I put into my mouth was something to savour and enjoy.  The company was good, the food was good and so was the free flow of cava..... If only i could remember to not drink so much, I am sure I would have enjoyed myself a bit more..

But then we drink to forget and perhaps later when in bed with the room spinning we drunk text the ex... Methinks I need to stop drinking to the point where I want to drunk text A.. life will be so much easier...

Thursday, 31 March 2016

sweet whisperings

So while I have told A we cant continue our "non relationship" we were still in contact via text, which was a bad idea.

A's modus operandi is to allow me to fester in silence while I contemplate life without him. Then he will send me little messages once in a while, keeping me on my toes, allowing my heart to skip a beat when I see "new message from A" on my phone.
Then he will say sweet things, but what he ultimately wants to know is, if I am going out looking for a new man.  My mistake is that I reply when he texts and I let him know that I wanted a relationship with him and not some other man.  He knows then that I am still pining for him.  That keeps him happy for a while and after that he will keep sending me messages reflecting on how good it was..... which inevitably ends with me telling him lets try again and I can separate feelings from what we do just so that I can have that one little piece of him. He is a master manipulator even if he says he isn't.

This has been going on since 2011, and I believed I had cured myself of him by the time I met P in 2013,  but the cure was ineffective.  I had not seen A in a year but I let him back in with texts and his sweet whisperings.

So today after a week of texts, I told A to delete my number as I will be deleting his, delete everything about me, as I cannot be friends with him, I cannot talk to him without wanting him.

sounds like me....

Choc stage done......lots of choc

I should have done it when I said no more, but deep inside, some stupid part of me thinks I can be friends with him without wanting him.... I need a kick up the backside.

I think being in my dark place is because of him,
5 stages of grief.... am I in the acceptance stage now I wonder...